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Natyanjali Kuchipudi Dance School

Srilatha Suri began teaching several students through her dance School, Natyanjali Kuchipudi Dance School, since 1999 in College Station, then California and presently in Plano, Frisco and Irving/Coppell


The classes are taught in small groups with full focus and attention on all the students.
All the students will be given a chance to perform in annual day if they have enrolled from the beginning of fall semester. Students also will be given chance in school productions and events organized by local organizations according to their ability. This is to encourage them to get a good amount of stage experience required in the training. After completing their training, students will perform their graduation recital or Rangapravesam, a solo debut dance. In addition, Srilatha Suri organizes summer workshops. These are conducted by eminent teachers for the students who are interested. Natyanjali maintains high standards and quality in teaching, and in performances.

  • Pranamya Suri
  • Mouna Yalamanchi
  • Dhanya Yalamanchi
  • Swarna Bharathy Sunkara
  • Bhaskari Burra
  • Pranhuti Suri
  • Spruha Shah
Community Service

Through her school, Srilatha Suri has been promoting service oriented events in local cultural organizations such
as TANTEX, Discover India, Aid India, and Asian American Heritage Festivals, Health South, American Airlines,
local temples, Very Special Arts festival, World Fest etc.

In addition, Natyanjali was the first Kuchipudi school to raise funds for non profit organization Vibha
(collaborating with other DFW Dance Schools) for the tsunami victims in 2005, for Hurricane Katrina victims
(TANTEX), The Make –A- Wish Foundation, and the AP Flood relief (TANTEX), God Satsang, Global Hindu
Heritage Foundation, Vidyadanam and various temples in Dallas and in other states of USA.

Natyanjali was a proud sponsor of Echoes of India, a fund raiser event to support a water treatment plant in
Nalgonda District and hearing aids to children of Ashray Akruti, Hyderabad.

Srilatha Suri has put together several pieces with a blend of contemporary and classical themes that students and today’s audience can relate to.

  • Natyanjali students have won several prizes in local dance competitions and their performances have been very well appreciated by the community for their quality performances. Students had the opportunity to participate in the International Kuchipudi convention, and also were a part of a new world record in the Guinness World Records.
  • Pranamya Suri, a senior student and the elder daughter of Srilatha Suri has won the prestigious “Sringaramani” award from Sur Singar Samsad , Mumbai 2010. She has also been awarded the title “Nritya Chaitanya” (June 2010) by Chaitanya Arts Foundation in India, and the “Nritya Deepika” award on Aug 14th 2010 by the Yuva Bharathy Dallas Chapter .
  • Natyanjali builds interest and passion in a student by not only imparting the knowledge of Kuchipudi but also providing several opportunities to perform, allowing students to explore the Kuchipudi art form.